Lazada Malaysia 11.11 Online Revolution: The Parcel of Joy

When you have a long and tiring day of work.
And a parcel just happened to reached your doorstep,
You know it must a good one!!!
It's from Lazada Malaysia.

Image result for lazada malaysia logo

Surprisingly, the parcel was designed so nice and fun!
It just make my day (for the following hours...swt!!)
Of course not forget to smile :)

So, this is how it looked like after I un-packaged! 
Like the slogan so much, "Find Joy in Every Parcel" and I do!

After un-boxed, all the stuff boomed-out!
Erm, mostly is joy of food~ 

Let's see what in the Parcel of Joy by Lazada Malaysia:
 - L'Oréal Dual Stylers Sleek & Swing sample
 - Nestlé Just Milk - Full Cream Milk
 - Nestlé CERELAC Nutripuffs, Banana & Strawberry flavour
 - Nestlé LACTOKID merchandise - multipurpose pouch bag + 2 pens
 - Nestlé MAGGI - Oatmee (Mi Goreng Curry flavour)
 - Nestlé MAGGI - Royal Thai White (Seafood Tomyam flavour)
 - Nestlé Nescafé White Coffee - Pandan flavour
 - MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes - cottony soft material (non-alcohol & non-fragrance)
 - Ola Bola merchandise bag
 - Lazada Malaysia RM11 off voucher
 - Lazada Malaysia merchandise tumbler
 - Lazada 11.11 Online Revolution - car sticker

Woah!! typed until some dizzy feeling hits!
That's quite a lots of thing in one parcel.
Thank you #lazadamalaysia for making my day by sending me all this :D

Lazada Malaysia actually came up with this biggest online shopping event in Southeast - Online Revolution, themed "Brands for All" with the participation of more than 1,00 brands. This is a month long event, which takes place from 11 November 2016 to 14 December 2016.

And now, they are offering more than 500,000 jaw-dropping deals, including from international and local brands, as well as exclusive launches of branded items. With the featuring promotions from various marketing partners, all of us who purchased products in Lazada Malaysia will stand a chance to win free flights from AirAsia Big (I want Korea! Cause my gf actually looked like Korean from my own perception. So we can act out those Korean drama scene! Saranghaeyo Kimchi!! What am I saying?! Ha~), as well as special offers from DiGi, Maxis, Domino’s Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank.

Find more here:

Another Mega Deals coming start on 12.12 (12 December 2016)
Don't you dare to miss this~

How it looks like when it just temporarily conquered (cause I gonna eat & use it soon) my private space of "inspiration" :P