#20 Road to TAO

Just been a GREAT show today at Damansara Performing Art Centre, was to showing support a friend of mine as I know they always perform well in Malaysia championship as the opening performance.

Today, they are collaborating with two other Martial Arts which is Taekkyon & Hapkido from Korea. These was the first in Malaysia where there is none of the Taekwondo performance can be brought into a artistic stream in a performing centre. I was proud of them!!

Besides that , the choreography of the Taekwondo show itself was amazing. The combination between Taekwondo martial art together with the contemporary dance just blow me up. The idea was good, more theatre elements can be implement into it. Then, it was be a very nice show as if it standalone.

Besides that, they had brought in the Korean style of breaking, overall was good, really like it!!! If the timing more accurate, the whole hall will be "boom". It will like kind of "ohm" inside.

Such a long time didn't get into a theatre hall for a show, today it just remind me of how i love the stage last time. I do missed those times, I do missed the time do-ing Dream. Now still not at a bad side, still do-ing Dream, but I need to be firm to myself. Sometime, things doesn't worked as what you thought, but we can just keep moving!!!

Never stop moving, Never stop Dream-ing!!